Need Help on how to...

  • Build WordPress (Blog/Personal/E-Commerce) Sites?
  • Create New Google Site for your School?
  • Integrate Paperless Classroom for your school?
  • Cut down computerization budget?
  • Maintain your Google or WordPress website?
  • Migrate to other Web Hosting Provider?

Hi, I'm Nic, your IT Buddy!


New Google Sites

Build your School Website using the New Google Sites for Free.


Go Paperless to help your School cut down unnecessary budget.

Thin Clients

Use Thin Clients instead of Traditional Desktop to save power, maintenance and computerization budget.


Create a Blog to make money or Create an e-Store to start selling online.

How I Can Help

New Google Sites for School Website

Are you looking for help on how to put up your own School Website? No problem because with the New Google Sites, I can help you create your very own website without worrying about monthly hosting fee because it's all Free.

G-Suite Integration

You want to integrate G-Suite to your Office, School or Classroom? With Google Apps for Education, I can help you setup a Paperless Office and Classroom to help your school cut down unnecessary budget. Adapting to paperless can be intimidating at first, but it can be easily overcome with a proper plan and training.

Thin Clients

How about cutting the cost of your Office or School's computerization budget? I'll help you setup Thin Clients instead of Traditional Desktops so you can enjoy an easier to manage and in the long run, helps you save a lot of money from your computerization budget.


You want to learn how to blog? How about selling online? Or maybe you need help on how to backup, transfer to a new host, or even maintaining your WordPress site? I'll help you create a blog, an e-commerce website or even help you back up your website's content because keeping it safe is a must nowadays. I can even help you transfer your site to another hosting provider or transfer to New Google Sites hosting so you don't have to worry about monthly hosting fee.

Think You Need Help?

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